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Here’s an #example of how much #private #healthcare screws the #USA today

… that my wife and I seriously discussed whether or not it would be financially beneficially to live divorced instead of married.

Is that just screwed up? To think that divorced we might be able to cut our already outrageous health care costs by 1,000s and my wife would reap the benefits of being a “single” mother filing her taxes with minimal income earned.

And why did this even come up? Well we find it impossible to save because:

a) We’ve already spent over 3k on out-of-pocket medical (2k on in network services) as of mid-May not including prescriptions. (Which means Flex is tapped out too.)
b) Heath insurance for 3 (mom,dad and toddler) costs me $570 a month and the baby isn’t even on dental yet. (+$80/mo from 2013)
c) And the latest bomb on a) was an $800 bill from a radiology facility. I checked it with my insurance company. They let facilities bill between $500 and $3500 for the same EXACT same procedure. (And guess which end of the spectrum this facility was on…)

And the best part is - I’m part of the “middle class”. The “backbone” of America.

Why are we the “backbone”?

I now believe I know - because we work full time to pay the most in taxes. We get screwed the most on of our deductions (or lack thereof). We get no real credits/deductions unless we can buy a home, but they keep say “home ownership” is also the “backbone” of America.

Well if that’s the case then find a way to cut us some slack so we can do something with our lives versus teetering on the edge of disaster with each medical issue.

Government is a stagnant pile of horse crap sitting on a subsidized farm that stores rotting grain in it’s silos because of some bull crap economic embargo or silent trade war that’s screwing all of us from top to bottom. It would be nice if the “politicians” worked for something other than an internet sound bit or the next PAC donation. I’ve contributed nearly as much in taxes to the US Government as I’ve made in my lifetime, now it’s time for those jackasses in congress to pony up and do their jobs by dropping the bi-partisan rhetoric that holds us all back.

And if the bi-partisanship is that bad in this country then let’s just divide the damn country into two parts. Let’s have a bloodless civil war and let everyone go there own way because the way it stands right now as I see it. NONE OF IT WORKS AND IT’S NOT GETTING BETTER.

Rant over. Nuff said. I’m not spell checking or grammar checking. I’ve got to go make some money to cover the every growing costs of healthcare, bread, milk, eggs, etc.

Figured I’d Make Note of My Existence Today

It’s been a while since my last post. Usually I like to rant or repeat the inane and insane quotes said in my house, but lately it’s been a non-stop roller coaster ride of life. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just means A LOT of busy.

Our near 2 year old is incredibly active. Not ADHD active, but rebellious I’m going to start the terrible 2’s early active.

Headstrong, fiery, smart, verbal (granted it’s mostly baby talk but she’s surpassed well over a 100 words and just this AM said “bye bye daddy” on her way out to her morning class with mommy.

I’ve been the beneficiary of too much downtime at work, but in some cases I keep myself sane by reminding myself it’s given me massive amounts of time to spend with my daughter during the key critical stages of her development.

Otherwise, the erratic weather is doing wonders for my head and headaches. Which sucks immensely.

But, I’ve got a plan. A plan to make more money and advance my career regardless of all the shit going on in the world because I’ve got people to take care of and keep safe. I’m thankful I have the job I have and will work my ass off to keep it. There is no room for failure. Error yes, but even then not much. I must succeed.

That being said. I need to end this post so I can work on those plans. So this was my “hello world” for today. More later when I get a chance.

Talking to my #wife about her #windows8 machine that I bought almost a year ago #fail

My wife said “why is this machine such a piece of crap?!?!?”

I responded, “I already told you everyone on every blog says its a piece of crap. Just Google ‘Windows 8 is a piece of sh** and you’ll get 10,000 results.”

"If you search on Bing you should you should just get an apology."

Seriously? No sub-titles @NBC? With hours to edit

the opening ceremonies you couldn’t even bother to translate the Russian national anthem?

This is lame. In trying NBC but the failures are piling up.

45 mins of nothing is @NBC coverage at #Sochi2014…

…someone wake me when they show the Olympics.

An Obama interview? Seriously?

There was a whole day of sports and NBC has shown us a Liberty Travel ad and a reminder of all the politics we’re trying to forget by attempting to watch their crappy coverage.

If #NBC has 5 stations, yet none are showing the #Sochi2014 #openingceremonies live?

United States Olympic coverage fails from the get go.

Don’t they know there’s an internet out there?

And that some 6,000 other non-US media outlets - which most of us can access - will stream the opening ceremonies and countless other events live?

Not airing them live seems like utter stupidity. And I doubt they’ll be aired unedited. And if you really think more people will watch SOAPs over the opening ceremonies air them on one of the other sister stations NBC owns in whole or in part.

I don’t understand the trend, but for the last several Olympics coverage by US networks has gotten worse and worse. I’d rather watch a broadcast by anyone other than a US station.

I’m not interested in watching cut events, coverage that bounces back and forth from one event to the next, edited coverage, etc.

I’m not going to pay for some outrageous cable package to be able to watch what I want either.

The coverage (or lack there of) has turned me off to not only watching the Olympics, but the Olympics itself. They can easily influence what does or doesn’t happen as part of a broadcast contract, but it seems like they’ve sold the soul of the Olympics to the highest bidder along with those rights.

It doesn’t resemble the spectacle of my youth when it felt like it meant something.

As a result, I’m going to skip most (or all of it) and watch as much TV as possible on non-NBC stations.

Editor’s Note: Yes, I’m aware the subject/title line reads oddly. Two thoughts crashed into each other and I didn’t bother untangling them.

10 of the Many Reasons #Microsoft #Windows8 is a #fail

I purchased a Windows 8 laptop at Best Buy earlier this year for my wife. I want to say it was June. The laptop itself from a hardware perspective seems fine. Memory was a little low, but the price was very attractive.

But Windows 8 is a DISASTER.

  1. They require the creation of multiple different online accounts in order to complete the set up of the machine.
  2. There’s little to no explanation of what those said accounts from #1 are in plain English. (And it’s still unclear why they’re all needed beyond the windows user account.)
  3. After upgrades you need to remember all those user ids and passwords you set up in #1.
  4. The user interface is unusable. The number of reasons for this would require the publication of a small to medium-sized book. Maybe if you never used a computer before or grew up on a tablet (or have a tablet type of laptop with a touch screen) this user interface might make some sense. This laptop isn’t a touch screen or one of those nifty detachables they show on their great marketing spots.
  5. No user manual comes with Windows 8. They direct you to online resources. What happens if I don’t have online access? Or it’s unavailable? If there is a PDF on the machine it has yet to be located.
  6. No first time use tutorials and/or video introductions to the Windows 8 user interface and features. It’s pure torture. You boot up into this system. Complete #1 on on this list and you’re dumped into a really bad episode of the Twilight Zone. Trial by fire and error of the worst kind. This interface is a radical departure from all forms of windows prior to Windows 7. Even though ME and 98 sucked, at least no one had to re-learn how to use their computer.
  7. I guess this ties into #4 and #5. Try to find the pictures that automatically get downloaded from your SD Card or Camera when there’s no way to get to Windows Explorer or something similar. (If there is something.)
  8. Microsoft Office Trial Link on their nifty interface doesn’t work.
  9. And because of #8 there is zero productivity tools included with the OS unless you count notepad. (I think there’s a notepad.)  So you’re screwed if you want to work with office documents. The viewers for the documents aren’t even stored by default.
  10. And for reasons we can’t determine (but we think it might be linked to the computer needing to be online all the time to connect with all those ridiculous “features” that you created those user accounts for) the OS freezes on a regular basis beyond the normal network accessibility snafus when you can’t reach a resource.

I could probably go one, but why bother.

The main point is DON’T BUY WINDOWS 8. WAIT UNTIL THEY CREATE A REAL PRODUCT. REMEMBER 98 and ME - this one is next on the list.

Disclaimer: All attempts were made to use proper grammar and spelling, but computers are robbing me of those skills nanosecond by nanosecond. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.

A few signs you’re officially a #parent…

… you’ve been puked on and you’ve carried your child to the bathroom quietly making sure that as they continue to puke it only gets on you and only you. (Cleaning it out of the carpet sucks. It’s so much easier to wash clothes and take a shower. Stuffed animals are replaceable too.)

… you’ve seen that sh*t can come in all colors of the rainbow and then some while changing diapers number 1 through 3,212.

… you check to see that your child is still breathing all the time. (There’s something about them being in a crib that freaks you out. Also, everyone reminded you about SIDS about 10K times prior to your son/daughter being born.)

… you find little pink shoes from stride rite are adorably cute.

… you helped pick out those little pink shoes.

… you can change a diaper in under 60 seconds if necessary.

… you realize that many times when your child nearly gives you a heart attack the experience leaves them smiling and laughing.

… and there are hundreds more, but these few have been very relevant for me over the last month or so.

My picks for the top 12 for @NBCTheVoice

After watching the last two nights twice this is what I think is going to happen. (Yup, I watched them twice.)

Team Adam - it’s tough to call. I think overall he has the second best team.

I believe Tessane Chin and Will Champlin are locks. I think James Wolpert will round out the final 3 from his team. I think Grey is done. Preston Pohl is a wildcard but I think he’s too one dimensional for this kind of show. His voice is great, but I don’t think there’s a lot of variety in it compared to the other four; I think he’s too much of a project.

Team Blake - I think he’s got the 3rd best team this year and will not four-peat.

I believe Nic Hawk and Shelby Z are locks. I think the most likely contenders for the 3rd spot are Cole and Austin. I think Austin gets it. Ray is on the outside looking in. Too generic to stand out above the others.

Team Xtina - Best team. It’s Stephanie Anne Johnson, Matthew Schuler and Jacquie Lee. Sorry Josh and Olivia. Any other result is just plain wrong and an injustice. (Yes, I like the word injustice.)

And on a side note - to use a Blake quote - “Holy Crap!” where did Jacquie come from. I think she had the best performance of the top 20 and blew away everyone on night two. Schuler was strong, but my wife got chills and I was floored when Jacquie sang. I watched that 4 or 5 times to take it all in.

As it stands right now - I think Schuler, Lee and Team Adam’s Tessane Chin are the three to beat. And I think Chin’s got an uphill battle to beat the other two right now.

But as we all know this could all change on a single note.

Team Ceelo - Worst team with one shining star - Caroline Pennell. If she’s a lock it would be an injustice.  Anyone who can get Blake talking about amputations and cotton candy at the same time gets my vote. I think Kat and Tamara round out his final 3. Kat’s going to coast on past performances. Her number was solid, but not what people expected from Kat. Jonny is Ceelo’s Preston Pohl.

And Caroline is the dark horse that could make the voice a four horse race with Schuler, Lee and Chin. I think she can go far in the competition. The clarity and tone of her voice is amazing. I hope everyone appreciates it as much as I do.

And that’s my take! We’ll see what happens in a couple of hours!

What I learned about Ronda #Rousey watching #TUF18 @TUFonFS1 Part 2



Ronda Rousey is a scary woman with no sense of humor. And she’s right, she’s mean, but she forgot combative, immature, childlike, naive and normally heartless. (The Father’s Day episode shocked me because she actually did something nice that didn’t involve fighting.)

Prior to the show, I think she checked her heart and soul in at the local cryogenics facility to help keep everything frozen solid.

I respect her as an athlete and a fighter. She performs physical feats during training that make it very clear why she is where she is today.

At the same time she behaves in a way that I can only classify as a brat. Middle fingers. Standing in front of a male fighter and telling him to “man up” - Ronda, unless she’s omitted some medical her ability to “man” up is nil which in turn is why I think she looked completely ridiculous.

Moreover, I’ve never seen so many middle fingers in my entire life; in and out of the ring. The sheer juvenile nature of her responses makes me wonder how controlling her mother was during her childhood.

On top of the middle fingers outside the ring she’s flipping off Miesha Tate after the fight in the octagon. Dana White should exert some control here. Ronda would look a thousand times better if she just keep her fingers to herself; you might want to advise her on that.

Post-fight behavior should follow it’s normal course. What would happen if one coach flipped off the other post-fight in a UFC PPV Main Event? Something tells me it wouldn’t be pretty for that person. People in the past got in trouble in the UFC during PPV events for much much less.

And where was Momma Rousey where Ronda was growing up? I think she forgot those lessons on class and maturity as I find neither can be found in Rousey. (And by the way, if you watch the full season you’ll see the episode where she brings her mom in to watching training and speak with/to the fighters. There’s something about her that is equally as frightening. Better yet, she’s lashing out about people calling Ronda a ‘Cry Baby’.)

She was probably too busy pushing Ronda into being the complete championship level nutcase she current appears to be. Who cares if your a champion if you can’t even respond to even the mildest perceived provocation (a lot of it is in her own head) with nothing more than a middle finger and threats of bodily harm? 

Ronda even went so far to call Miesha Tate’s unibrow prank on Edmond “racist”. WTF. There are plenty of non-Armenian’s with unibrows including women. Pick a nationality I’m sure you can find a unibrow (or a brow formerly known as a unibrow).

And Edmond’s paranoia isn’t helping Ronda’s cause either. They’re starting to look like two paranoid peas in the same padded pod. Crayons and coloring books anyone?

(I wonder if Ronda was like this before Edmond? Probably, but I’m sure he’s not improving the situation.)

Lastly, I’m not convinced Rousey is a good coach regardless of everything she can do. I think she’s distracted from coaching the show. She must expend immense amounts of mental energy hating Meisha.

I mean it looks like she’s not analyzing or scouting the match-ups.

I believe the only reason she’s won three fights is because the two male fighters completely outclassed and out-sized Miesha’s fighters. Her female fighter was an 8x (I think that’s the right state) boxing champ which goes a long way in preventing someone from executing the ground game (well or at all), especially if the fight goes deep into the second or third round. (The main observation I have so far is that the veteran female fighters known for their ground games, who have been unsuccessful, seem to gas somewhere between the end of the first round and the middle of the second. It’s not that different that the evolution we’ve seen of the men’s game over the last 20 years.) And neither Ronda or Edmond had to teach this girl how to box.

There’s so much to say here, yet so little time, so I’ll stop now. Enjoy the read!

You shouldn’t tag your hate. People go to the Ronda tag to see Ronda, not stuff like this. 

Secondly, I’m sure she’s sorry she’s human. How dare she, really. She legitimately hates Miesha- who legitimately hates her too- and the fact that Miesha has devoted her time on the show to posting pictures and pulling pranks on Ronda just to piss her off somehow gets glossed over. 

Oh yeah, Miesha’s a pillar of goodness and virtue. 


If the person you hated most in the world spent every day pulling shit on you, you’d want to beat their ass too. It’s human nature. 

Hi Amber,

If you want to classify my post as hate, you’re entitled to that opinion.

I don’t hate Ronda.

And if she wasn’t human I doubt I’d have any opinion about her.

I am just presenting a single, albeit opinionated, side based on what I’ve seen of Ronda’s personality on TUF18. I wouldn’t walk up to her and flip her off or curse at her. I wouldn’t forget to hit the brakes on my car if she happens to fall in front of it. I wouldn’t shy away from having a 1-on-1 conversation with her so she can explain her side of the story.

Hate is a very strong word that I believe people throw around too lightly. I I believe hate is something that burns inside of you like a forest fire. It smolders and lingers never truly going away. Setting aside hate is worse that quitting the most addictive drug you can find. It’s unhealthy and affects everything you do in life, but yet we all find ourselves hanging on to some.

I know who I hate. It’s not Ronda.

I respect her as a fighter, just not as a citizen.

If you truly hate someone you’re not respecting anything about them. If they come running out of a burning building carrying a crying infant you hope they die of smoke inhalation. That’s hate.

But I digress.

If you believe that everyone on Tumblr uses the Ronda related tags in search of good things about Rhonda you’re entitled to that opinion too.

Without access to the metrics we’ll never know for sure.

I personally believe you will find a very large contingent (probably male and female alike) looking for naked or nearly naked photos of Ronda. I am not one of that contingent. I’ve never even looked at the Ronda tag myself.

Some look for the other aspects of the story - more opinions; some like mine and some not.

Others look for a clip of how Ronda pulled off that arm bar on Tate the last time, so they can figure out how to replicate that move. Those people don’t care about any of the above.

But Ronda is the one making a spectacle out of herself. She’s the one flipping people off, cursing repeatedly and making threats. I give her an “A” for effort and passion, but that doesn’t make her behavior acceptable. I spent enough days either in detention, ground or at in-school suspension to learn those lessons.

If your kid turned around flipped people off, cursed repeatedly at people, and made threats in school, how do you think that would turn out?

Most people had A LOT of people at school that they didn’t like, faculty and students alike, yet the number of kids cursing at or threatening teachers, historically, has been the (louder) minority.

MMA is a sport AND a business. In my opinion that means it requires a lot more composure and professionalism, or reserve, than Ronda’s showing.

She’s coming off as angry, classless emotionally fragile and humorless.

There’s a part of me that wonders how far she would come off the rails if she lost the title.

Furthermore, I never implied Miesha was a pillar of virtue. Based upon the most recent episode of TUF18 I would even question her ability to coach a team as she’s now beginning to neglect fighters.

But Miesha does know how to play to the camera in a PR positive way. She isn’t flipping people off. She isn’t cursing to the point in time where you’ve got successive bleeps. And her assistant coaches aren’t following suit. Have a little self control folks.

As for pranks - she’s following in the footsteps of her predecessors by playing pranks on the other team. Dana White even said it - they’re been part of the Ultimate Fighter since day 1 and they’ve been fairly well received historically. Dana White even went so far as to say “…if this was any other season…” we probably wouldn’t even be having this conversation.

Lastly, if there was anything interesting to write about Miesha I would, but in truth we’ve learned little to nothing about her on the show. If anything she’s been a slightly less than prototypical “other coach” on TUF18. She’s borderline boring and unremarkable.

And that’s all I wrote.