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Here’s an #example of how much #private #healthcare screws the #USA today

… that my wife and I seriously discussed whether or not it would be financially beneficially to live divorced instead of married.

Is that just screwed up? To think that divorced we might be able to cut our already outrageous health care costs by 1,000s and my wife would reap the benefits of being a “single” mother filing her taxes with minimal income earned.

And why did this even come up? Well we find it impossible to save because:

a) We’ve already spent over 3k on out-of-pocket medical (2k on in network services) as of mid-May not including prescriptions. (Which means Flex is tapped out too.)
b) Heath insurance for 3 (mom,dad and toddler) costs me $570 a month and the baby isn’t even on dental yet. (+$80/mo from 2013)
c) And the latest bomb on a) was an $800 bill from a radiology facility. I checked it with my insurance company. They let facilities bill between $500 and $3500 for the same EXACT same procedure. (And guess which end of the spectrum this facility was on…)

And the best part is - I’m part of the “middle class”. The “backbone” of America.

Why are we the “backbone”?

I now believe I know - because we work full time to pay the most in taxes. We get screwed the most on of our deductions (or lack thereof). We get no real credits/deductions unless we can buy a home, but they keep say “home ownership” is also the “backbone” of America.

Well if that’s the case then find a way to cut us some slack so we can do something with our lives versus teetering on the edge of disaster with each medical issue.

Government is a stagnant pile of horse crap sitting on a subsidized farm that stores rotting grain in it’s silos because of some bull crap economic embargo or silent trade war that’s screwing all of us from top to bottom. It would be nice if the “politicians” worked for something other than an internet sound bit or the next PAC donation. I’ve contributed nearly as much in taxes to the US Government as I’ve made in my lifetime, now it’s time for those jackasses in congress to pony up and do their jobs by dropping the bi-partisan rhetoric that holds us all back.

And if the bi-partisanship is that bad in this country then let’s just divide the damn country into two parts. Let’s have a bloodless civil war and let everyone go there own way because the way it stands right now as I see it. NONE OF IT WORKS AND IT’S NOT GETTING BETTER.

Rant over. Nuff said. I’m not spell checking or grammar checking. I’ve got to go make some money to cover the every growing costs of healthcare, bread, milk, eggs, etc.



…why we’re willing to launch a solo strike without the blessing of the UN or our allies.

We seem to foot the bulk of the UNs “peacekeeping” bills normally and carry our allies on our backs in every other situation. The bulk of the military men, women and equipment which we pay for using the taxes…

Because the children being bombed, suffering and being alive while their skin falls off, while their bodies twist and spasm because of pain and poison, while they die because of a fucking bastard is bombing them is ok, right?

Because its better to have a more rapidly recovering economics than to help people that suffer and die in the hands of a terrorist? 

You know what, you selfish ass, fuck you. 

I just read your entire comment and I’ll respond.

It is unclear to me why you felt the need to call me names or pass judgement on someone you know nothing about, but I’ll let the rest of the world decide what they think of that when and if they read this.

I’m entitled to my opinion. If you don’t like it that isn’t my problem. I do think what is going on in Syria, Egypt, etc. is horrible and horrific.

But the truth is if the same thing was happening here in this country I could probably count the number of countries that might come to our aid on my hands and not run out of fingers. And Syria will not be one of them.

No one has helped the US since the Civil War. And even in that case there was no direct involvement. It was one foreign nation blockading another if I recall correctly to prevent the south from receiving or sending goods to help their war effort.

I didn’t see governments from Europe, Asia or Africa forking over billions of dollars to help us rebuild after Andrew, Katrina, Sandy, 9/11, etc.

I’m happy to be proven wrong.

And keep in mind I mean FOREIGN GOVERNMENT financial assistance. Not private organizations sending volunteers, etc. I know some of that took place, but even that was minimal.

Second, there’s a “United Nations” that was a set-up specifically for these situations and we’re a part of it.

The United States voluntarily agreed to join and participate in the United Nations and abide by it’s decisions. If we don’t use the processes in place by ignoring their mandates and rulings or not working through them then we just look like fools and mavericks.

Furthermore, it tells every other country inside and outside of the United Nations that the US has no respect for that institution. And if the big, bad United States doesn’t follow the rules, why should they?

We don’t own nor run the entire world. And in truth, we can’t help anyone effectively if we can’t help ourselves.

There are people in this country dying, starving, infected, living in sewers, sleeping on the streets, etc. I think it is hypocritical not to help the people of our own country before we go off saving the rest of the world.

That’s where I think my tax dollars should be spent. Not someplace I’ve never been. Not a place where I am not even welcome as a tourist.

There are multiple countries that border Syria. They should be worried about expansion of the conflict and take action. Not us. Let their neighbors deal with them not some armchair bureaucrats half a world away.

I don’t think @BarackObama can tell us in less than 500 words why #Syria matters so much to the US…

…why we’re willing to launch a solo strike without the blessing of the UN or our allies.

We seem to foot the bulk of the UNs “peacekeeping” bills normally and carry our allies on our backs in every other situation. The bulk of the military men, women and equipment which we pay for using the taxes of an underpaid and over stressed domestic workforce are the main component of all these things.

This is not important to the American people. And if it is prove it before you launch a missile. Better yet listen to the voice of public opinion and see how much we care about Syria.

We (mostly) agree what’s going on their sucks but what’s going on in our own country sucks too.

It’s going to suck even more when we take a military action that actually matters and most of the troops won’t be able to read the labels on their weapons. What are you going to do then? Hand out more H-1B visas for military service?

Keep our people home. Restore our country and the rest will take care of itself naturally.

Our soldiers are the modern day crusaders and we all saw how the crusades ultimately turned out. They left behind physical, mental and economic ruin.

I was once proud to be an American. Not so much anymore.

I voted for you Obama, but you’re really making me question whether you were ever fit for the job because all you’re contemplating doing is following the erroneous path your immediate forefathers by getting involved in the foreign affairs of a country that 90% of the American population will never see or be able to find on a map.

We were once a brilliant nation. I don’t yearn for the past. But I do yearn for a bright future where I’m not worried about the ramifications of a US military foreign policy driven by short sighted and myopic jingoism.

We are not learning from the past as evidenced by your intent to repeat it again in the next few days.

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Reading the #news is a #pitiful thing these days.

Does the world really need George Clooney (via the AP nonetheless) to say “Obama ‘having an almost impossible time governing’”?

DUH. If you don’t know that you’ve been living under a very very very large boulder buried miles beneath the crust of the earth. I’ll bet the people in Africa and Europe are more well informed that most Americans.

We can find 1000 headlines from this year that clearly reiterate that. Take the Politico’s headline “Partisan fight leads Obama to move date of speech" from the last 48 hours.

The President of the United States cannot schedule a press conference without bending over backwards to kiss the GOP behind because he’s so scared of them.

I don’t believe for one minute he’s trying to play nice or angling for some kind of concession by playing ball.

If he thinks by kowtowing to their demands makes him look good or smart he is out of his mind.

To me it looks like he’s a wimp who is just too tired to fight for something, that while seemingly minuscule, is a perfect example of how the GOP is blocking everything he does. He talks a good game, but let’s face it - he’s doing a good imitation of the Houston Astros.

It’s pathetic.

But to be honest he’s not alone.

No one in the government is doing anything useful today.

Our reality is a crystal clear illustration.

The country is in a shambles.

People are unemployed in record numbers, but the unemployment office stops counting you the minute you stop collecting unemployment. Average length of unemployment; 18 - 24 months. There are sources citing unemployment rates as high as 22% - 23% which I think if you survey everyone you know (unless you’re exceedingly privileged) you’ll find is usually more accurate.

Better one yet - for those that are self employed or consulting ask them if they’re making anywhere near as much as they did last year and how long it’s taking them to get paid.

The picture the government paints is a facade.

It is a shiny red apple that’s rotting from the inside. I think they may have even spray painted it (like the roses further down the aisle).  The outside looks red and shiny. Maybe it has a dent or two but in general it looks edible.

You know which apple I’m talking about.

On the inside it is going brown and rotting. It probably has a worm or a dead bug in it. If you slice it with a knife the smell might kill all small animals in a 30 foot radius. Worse, if you accidentally decide to bite into it you may end up just worshiping the porcelain god or obtain full blown food poisoning of some kind.

Worse - some schmuck decided to put it on the shelf for sale.

In this country, employment is only one of the apples sitting on the shelf rotting from the inside. There’s mortgages, home ownership, student loans, national debt, FEMA, Homeland Security, and a whole host of other issues I could enumerate, but I just don’t want to depress myself or you the reader.

Take some time to think about it people. The longer we say nothing and do nothing the the worse it’s going to get.

Everyone needs to start and/or keep emailing, tumbling, blogging, tweeting, and making the noise level so high that the government will stop ignoring reality, pull their heads out of their collective behinds and focus on what’s important versus the next photo or speech op.

Because if we don’t take care of business, the US Government will continue to do squat to help us unless it’s in the special interest.

I still #hate the #press

The #press still is #fail in my book. #Journalism is #dead. #People can barely #write and #spell anymore.

I wonder when they’ll be unable to read and people will dictate audio books from scratch because they’ve lost so many skills.

The economy is still tumbling around like a lotto ball waiting to be drawn. No one knows if they’re going to lose their life savings one day and recover it the next thus whether or not they retire or their kids go to college.

We are bombarded daily with rhetoric from the emerging presidential wannabe campaign trails that remind me of the slime trails slugs leave behind when they move. All I’ve heard is a lot of hot air and mud at this point. No one has emerged as the music man capable of leading the band we call the US government.

Obama’s ratings suck.

Not that I’m surprised considering the amazing amount of help and support the rest of the government gives him on everything. I do wonder if it’s fear, racism or a combination of both that fuels such unabashed hate of Obama. I can’t think of another president in my lifetime that was rendered so powerless and impotent for so long.

It is sad and pathetic how our government has failed to govern while not failing to collect and spend our tax dollars on god knows what.

Worse, people seem to be OK with this to the point where they are silent and impotent too.

Don’t think for a minute that what you see and hear in the press is our full reality.

Television and the news are a microcosm of our society. Worse, the most vocal and visible elements which represent probably less than 10% of our entire population.

The US has a population somewhere around 350 million. This means if you gave everyone on this planet 15 seconds on TV it would take - if I did my math right - approximately 270 days of commercial free TV time to hear what everyone in this country has to say.

So I think it’s pretty easy to say that TV can’t represent the masses very well. It’s a limited narrow-minded little box broadcasting a very small slice or reality and A LOT of nonsense most of the time.

And no, reality TV isn’t real kids.

It’s hyper-inflated human behavior of the worst kind.

It seems that if you whip out a camera around a bunch of people who are probably annoying or inane at best, they become raging hormone filled beasts with their worst traits amplified like a huge throbbing zit on your forehead that only appear for date night. It becomes so surreal people are compelled to watch because their own reality sucks so bad that they can’t deal with it.

Don’t get my wrong, I don’t hate TV, I hate what’s happened to it. I think programming used to have more value to society as a whole.

Unfortunately in a society that probably has more TVs than people. it is a major influence on people’s behavior, buying habits, and general disposition that’s being used poorly and resulting in the horror we know as society today.

I would love to see what would happen if they glorified “boring” things like successful marriages, well behaved children playing together, student science fairs, and soft rock concerts for six months. Would people riot? Or change?

But meanwhile everyone is too busy with trying to understand why “Aliens may destroy humanity to protect other civilisations." Did someone really spend the time and money to write about such an inane topic? I mean this is the Guardian in the UK, are they really compelled to sink so low as to report on crap like this? Pathetic.

And let’s not forget the upcoming Kardashian wedding.

Or whether not Anne Hathaway is the appropriate successor to Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, Lee Meriwether (if Berry is on this list you can’t leave Lee off), Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry (other than looks I barely count Berry - that movie was crap) as Cat Woman.

Or the latest Jersey Shore updates. Apparently Hathaway is obsessed with Snooki like millions of others.

Oh, and let’s not forget Taylor Swift’s “wardrobe malfunction” with her skirt revealing (shockingly… NOT) nude Spanx which has been plastered all over the news for all most the entire week. Why? Beats me. Every woman on TV with few exceptions all appear to wear Spanx.

And no, I don’t know this stuff off the top of my head. I do some mild research and try to accurately fact check that which needs to be validated.

Afterward I attempt to think and draw my own conclusions without being drawn down into the quagmire of devolving thinking that seems to be proliferating the country like NYC rats in the sewer.

But what it all boils down to, in my opinion, is that there are no priorities left in this world.

Very little mystery or privacy for that matter.

The bulk of the news (which people get paid to create) flooding the Internet is really just crap with no practical value.

It isn’t educational, nor thought provoking, unless you truly think the world will stop dead if you don’t get those $6,000 Dolce & Gabbana limited edition gold-plated Jersey Shore Kardashian Jordan approved shades being sold on Madison Avenue.

As someone once so simplistically said - “STOP THE INSANITY!” Please?